Life, Love and Other Mishaps

by The WizBangs

Released 2017
The Wizbangs
Released 2017
The Wizbangs
This is the debut album of this father and sons band. The album is a fusion of genres, including rock, pop, acoustic, and jazz.
From Songwriting Magazine:
There have been more than a few famous family founded bands in pop music: The Carpenters,The Cribs and, of course, Oasis, to name but three. US father and sons trio The WizBangs are keeping the tradition strong.

Comprised of Jim Feenstra (vocals, bass) and his two sons, Charles Feenstra (vocals, guitar, keys) and J.P. Feenstra (drums), the group came together after Charles and Jim began writing songs together during the …
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Enjoy three songs from our live radio performance on WEEU 850.

The WizBangs Live Performance at The Sound Room


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