Samuel B Lupowitz

“I hope to make music that people recognize for its process as well as its product,” says Samuel B. Lupowitz

Rarely content wearing only one hat, the composer, lyricist, arranger, bassist, singer, and pianist has utilized his varied musical talents to make headway in today’s independent music scene.  Whether he’s playing his own music or working as a sideman, playing rock songs in a club or leading the orchestra for a musical, laying down tracks in the studio or churning out horn charts and vocal arrangements for a concert, SBL does it all with boundless energy and a healthy sense of humor.

In addition to leading the Ego Band, Sam has performed and recorded with The Blind Spots, Julia Felice and the Whiskey Crisis, Thru Spectrums, the Jeff Love Band, Alan Rose and the Restless Elements,  Harry Nichols Band, Luminous Beings, Benjamin Vo, and The Flying Pigs.

Sam’s rock opera about the Lincoln assassination, The Handsomest Man in America, made its debut at a sold-out four-show engagement at Reading, PA’s Genesius Theatre in 2009. Lupowitz wrote music, lyrics, and book, as well as the orchestrations for the production’s six-piece band.

“It’s easy in these technological times to think of music as something where you can press some buttons and it just happens to you.  I want the humanity to be ever-present.  I want people to see the sweat.”

“It’s what I’ve always enjoyed most: getting a bunch of friends together to make music,” Lupowitz says. “What could be better?”


Mark Hennessey

Mark is a graduate of Duquesne University with a Bachelor’s degree in music technology. He has studied various instruments since the age of six, before finally settling with the guitar and his own vocal cords. Songwriting began for him at the age of fifteen with Reading-area rock band, The Flying Pigs.

Eventually, Mark opted to study the inner-workings of the recording studio. This has influenced how he writes music, and he prefers to work on his own, sending sketches of ideas out for feedback when necessary. Mark has mixed four full-length albums since he began his undergraduate studies in 2008, the most recent being Ten Square Miles by Samuel B. Lupowitz and the Ego Band, released in May 2015. Currently, Mark is composing and doing pre-production for Luminous Beings, a modern take on the “power trio” style of band, as well as offering his guitar skills to the Wizbangs. 

Musical influences, regarding both composition and playing style, include the following: Pete Townshend, Brian May, Thom Yorke, John Scofield, and Jeff Buckley. Mark is currently perfecting a highly improvisational style of playing that is based around a defined, yet malleable framework. He finds music to be most enjoyable when it is not entirely predictable, and he is constantly looking for ways to reinvent his own material.


Other great musicians who added their talents to the album

Rosie Newton - Fiddle

Jaden Gladstone - Sax

Marc Devokaitis - Sax

Rachel Bell - Accordion

Mandy Goldman - Vocals

Cass Metcalf - Vocals, engineering

Marty Mellinger - Producer

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