Getting ready for the big launch

 TELL ME WHAT YOU SEE - Six new songs which continue to explore life, love, and other mishaps. 

HELP if you can

On #GIVINGTUESDAY - November 27th - we're releasing a new song; The Children of Inara. It's a call for everyone to help heal children in war-torn areas. All proceeds from downloading the song go to It's not our typical rock song, but if we don't break the cycle of hate, who will?

Getting excited

We're excited about our busy few weeks ahead. We begin selecting our new songs next week with rehearsals. Then, we'll be heading to our favorite recording studio, Electric Wilburland, to record. Can't wait to share.

More to Come Soon!

Happy New Year to one and all. We have a busy schedule planned for the next few months. Shortly, we'll release a few videos from our performance last year. We're working on a new album and are in the studio soon. We will have some exciting announcements regarding helping causes important to us through our music. Finally, we're working on more shows which will be in concert with our new album. 

Stay tuned and thanks for following us.

The WizBangs


As we're writing songs for our second album and future shows, I sit back at times and think of what inspired each. Sometimes it's a moment, good or bad. More gun violence, the tragedy of war, a new child, a long-time love...these all create inspirations to express. Other times, inspiration comes from the greats. As I was visiting the Grammy Museum, I was taken back to the time I first heard artists that move me to this day.

The Pace Quickens

We took a brief hiatus as our drummer (and my son) JP, welcomed his first child into the world. Vera Lee has already made an impact and we know she'll grow up to do great and loving things. It's cool to be a grandfather. And hey, grandfathers rock and roll, too.

We just completed a live radio show for WEEU 830 in the boy's hometown of Reading, PA. Now we're focused on preparing our return to the studio to record two singles and an EP. It's going to be a busy summer.

Peace and Love.

World, meet Vera. Vera, meet the world.

A brand new addition to the band!

I'd Like To Be Lazy With You

Songwriting Magazine had some very nice things to say about "I'd Like To Be Lazy With You," one of the songs on our debut album, LIFE, LOVE AND OTHER MISHAPS. We appreciate the great review, yet don't feel worthy of any of the comparisons. The album and songs are available on iTunes, Spotify, CDBaby, and many other sites. You can watch a video of the song, filmed during rehearsal on our YouTube channel. 


Live! Super Bowl Weekend Show

On February 4th, we'll be performing at Bldg.24 Live in Reading, PA. It's somewhat of a homecoming show for many of us. JP, Charles, and two great musicians joining for the show, Samuel Lupowitz and Mark Hennessey, all grew up and when to school in Reading. I've been gone for nearly 5 years now. So, we're all excited to catch up with old friends and make new ones. Hope you can join us for some fun.

It's go time.

Get Ready

We're busy preparing for a cool, raucous new year. New music and shows are on the way. We can't wait to sing for you. Stay informed about our goings-on  by following us on social media or better yet, sign up for emails.

In the meantime, here's a review by AUDIO FUZZ and a preview of one of eleven original songs featured on our upcoming album; LIFE, LOVE AND OTHER MISHAPS. Enjoy.

They're Here!

It's a milestone. It's one step. It's a milestone. It's one step. It's both!

The CDs of our first album arrived at our doorstep. It almost felt like Christmas. You know, that Christmas gift that you buy for yourself, wrap it up, and then act really surprised when you open it.

Anyway, this means that we're getting closer to sharing our songs with you. 

Stay tuned. Thanks.

It's Video Time

Long time, no chat. What have we been up to? Well, we just spent this weekend filming us performing LIVE in the studio. We always head to the friendly confines of Electric Wilburland Studio in Ithaca, NY. Producer extraordinaire Will Russell sets us up, guides us, chastises up, keeps us focused on task in his former church of a studio.

We performed 4 songs from our upcoming album; Life, Love and Other Mishaps. The songs include I'd Like To Be Lazy With You, a light piano-driven ballad by Charles with backing vocals by Cass Medcalf. Charles also led us on the driving rock song, Common Enemy, with riffs provided by Mark Hennessey. Our ode to 60's rockabilly sung by Jim, I'll Find A New Love, Too, was given its sense of that era from James' drums, great sax play by Erik Johnson, and bass and harmonies from Doug Robinson. Finally, our acoustic ballad, Need To Know, capped the weekend.A good time was had by all.

Stay tuned. We'll let you know when we debut the videos.


The WizBangs

Greetings from The WizBangs

We call ourselves rock and roll balladeers. We have a simple philosophy: create a variety of songs with different styles with underlying core of rock. Our band includes a father (Jim) and his two sons, (J.P. and Charles), all who write the music and lyrics. The other band mates are a revolving team of very talented close friends who add their own style and voice to each song. “The majority of us have played together since I can remember’” says drummer J.P. “We like so many styles and artists, it drives us to be creative with each song.  Yet our familiarity means we might not see each other for a long time. But we get in the studio and in no time, it’s like we’ve never been apart. That’s why making this album was so fun.”

While each of us brings different perspectives to the music, everyone agreed on two goals; songs shouldn’t sound similar and boredom isn’t an option. One minute you can be dreaming about going home as you listen to Pennsylvania then suddenly be shook by the hard opening riffs and angry tone of Common Enemy. We’re telling personal stories running the gamut of emotions. Telling the story is great therapy. We all feel that way.

Our music is an expression of ourselves. We create because it’s fulfilling and we have a great time doing it. That’s the first step. The next step is to see if people like our music. The most efficient way to do that is to use different broadcast media. Yes, we’ll do videos. We’re also considering one unique avenue by doing “live” shows via the avatar world of Second Life.”

We're already planning our next album. We have a stack of new material we’re vetting now. Why? Because every time as we leave the studio, when we're giving our hugs and packing up, we always says, “Let’s do this again." So…

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Enjoy three songs from our live radio performance on WEEU 850.

The WizBangs Live Performance at The Sound Room


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